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July 2010


All the world’s military aviation news, by region.

United Kingdom
Exercise Combined Strength
North America
Latin America
Asia Pacific
Nigerian Air Force Expo 2010
Middle East

Secrets of the Nimrod at War
Tim Ripley explores the secretive untold role of RAF Nimrods over Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Flying Kalashnikov
Major Eric Tyleloss recounts his experiences of flying in and against that legendary Cold War classic, the MiG-21.

On the Edge...
Exclusively for AFM, Alan Warnes talks to the Pakistani Air Force Chief of Staff, and spends two weeks travelling around the country reporting on the developments now taking place within the Pakistani Air Force.

Thal Bombing range – A Spectacular Hour
As the only foreign journalist present, AFM’s Alan Warnes witnessed the might and power of the Pakistani Air Force, during their recent Fire Power Demonstration.

Monsters from Moody
Neil Jones visits Moody AFB, Georgia, to explore the A-10 Thunderbolt II’s role within the 21st Century USAF.

Exercise Report: Salisbury Battles
Preparation saves lives. Ian Harding heads to Salisbury Plain Training Area to report on Joint Helicopter Command’s recent exercise.

Force Report: US Customs and Border Patrol
Tom Kaminski reports on the world’s largest aviation and maritime law enforcement organisation.

New Age Luftwaffe
Dr Stefan Petersen takes a closer look at German Air Force Eurofighter operations.

AFM’s Dave Allport reports on the world’s latest military accidents.

Readers’ views and comments.

Country Report: France – Part 2
Henri-Pierre Grolleau looks at the programmes and changes that the French Army and Navy are undergoing, despite shrinking defence budgets and programme upgrade delays.

Just A Nice Pic…
A French Army Aviation throws up a large dustcloud as it flies low level in Afghanistn via LK

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