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Latest Issue: December 2015

Ruling the Waves Again...
The Royal Navy’s new carrier, HMS Queen Elizabeth is on track for completion next year. Tim Ripley explains how the ship’s air wing will operate.

As Russia spreads its influence right up to NATO’s borders, Babak Taghvaee reveals how Serbia is once again being influenced by its old ally.

The Last Hurrah
With the Argentine Mirage’s imminent retirement, four jets flew down to a former stomping ground in Patagonia, for the type’s final operational exercise. Santiago Rivas was there.

Junglies in the Desert
Joe Copalman joined the Fleet Air Arm’s 845 NAS on exercise at Twentynine Palms, California to watch the squadron become combat qualified.

FORCE REPORT: Royal Netherlands Air Force
With budgets being continuously cut, how does the Royal Netherlands Air Force execute its responsibilities? Gert Kromhout looks at the modernisation programmes currently under way in the Netherlands.

AIRCRAFT PROFILE: Sukhoi Su-34 Fullback
The duck-nosed Su-34 is set to become the mainstay tactical bomber of the Russian Air and Space Forces and some are scheduled to take on wider roles in the future such as reconnaissance and electronic attack. Alexander Mladenov explains and reviews the type’s combat operations over Syria.

America’s Rock in the Pacific
Andersen AFB on the island of Guam plays a vital role in USAF strategic policy in the region. Robert F Dorr details current operations at this isolated outpost.

EXERCISE REPORT: Sea Breeze 2015
Vladimir Trendafilovski describes the air component of the US/Ukrainian Sea Breeze 2015 exercise.

Forever on Call
In the second part of his feature, Tom Kaminski explains US Coast Guard plans to introduce the HC-130J into widespread service to replace the elderly HC-130H fleet.

AFM’s Dave Allport reports on the world’s latest military accidents.

Readers’ views and comments.

Reviews of recently published books on military aviation.

Base Watch
A snapshot of recent military visitors to air bases around the UK.

All the world’s military aviation news, by region.

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