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August 2014

In the August issue of Air Forces Monthly, we look at the crisis taking place in Iraq and ask in our Headlines pages whether America should get involved in the region once again. The recent deployment of B-2s and B-52s to RAF Fairford is covered in detail, including interviews with aircrews, the squadron commander and ground crews, on why these bombers were in the UK and what they were doing.

Despite having been in service for over 40 years, Luftwaffe Hueys are still rescuing those in peril on the Alps in Germany. Mathias Grägel reports on this remarkable rotary rescue veteran. As tensions increase in the seas of South East Asia, Alan Warnes provides an overview of maritime patrol aircraft in the region, explaining their roles and missions. The retirement of the Mirage F1 from the French Air Force witnessed a host of colourful paint schemes and unique displays - Gert Kromhout and Stephan de Bruijn were at Mont-de-Marsan for Air Forces Monthly.

Back in action once again over Gaza, the F-16I Sufa’s operational history, its units and missions are explained in detail by Ofer Zidon.

Exercise Thracian Star witnessed MiGs, Sukhois and F-16s from Bulgaria, Romania, Greece and the US fighting it out. Rachel Morris reports. John Dibbs provided Air Forces Monthly with exclusive air-to-air images. Our Force Report for this month looks at the United Arab Emirates Air Force & Air Defence. This oil rich nation continues to buy the very best the world has to offer for its air force.

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