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March 2015

In the March issue of Air Forces Monthly (AFM), we look at how RAF Reapers are on the front line in the war against ISIL. Tim Ripley reviews their operations and successes as part of the international coalition.

Russia Long-Range Aviation composed of Tu-95 Bears and Tu-160 Blackjacks come under the spot light as our Force Report by Alexander Mladenov examines its current state, operations and inventory. He also examines the rise of provocative ‘power projection’ patrols into Western airspace and how such flights look set to increase.

As the world’s counter terrorist forces find themselves conducting operations in their own backyard, Frédéric Lert and Jean-Marc Tanguy examine the Paris massacre at the Charlie Hebdo offices and how the French special forces used air assets to track down the gunmen.

Alan Warnes and Dave Allport provide AFM’s Aircraft Profile on the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter exploring the current state of the programme and customers involved – it is worth the hype?
In our new series, Briefings, Tony Holmes takes a look back at the operations of USS Midway’s Carrier Air Wing Five, as it found itself conducting short notice operations, intercepting long-range Russian bombers and preparing to enter the Vietnam War.

As always, AFM’s Dave Allport brings you the latest military aviation news from around the world, and we provide an exclusive photo-report on Operation Barkhane in Mali.

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