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Back Issues

September 2015

In the September issue of AirForces Monthly (AFM) we look at how the USAF’s special forces at RAF Mildenhall, Suffolk, fly and fight in the revolutionary CV-22B Osprey with an in-depth feature on the men and women of the 352nd Special Operations Wing.

Our regular Russian contributor Alexander Mladenov looks at the declining numbers of MiG-29 Fulcrums in Europe, and asks how the nations still operating the type are facing the decision to upgrade or replace this old Cold War warrior.

This month’s Exercise Report is Italian Blade, one of a number of operations conducted within the European Defence Agency’s Helicopter Exercise Programme (HEP) to see how helicopter crews and airborne troops learn how to work together in a multinational environment.

On March 3, 2014, the Ukraine’s only naval aviation unit daringly flew its airworthy fleet out of the Crimea as Russian forces threatened its base. Since then, the unit has returned more aircraft to the air and expanded its training, as Vladimir Trendafilovski reports.

There has been plenty of helicopter activity in the UK: after an operational service of more than 30 years the Army Air Corps finally said farewell to the Lynx Mk7, AFM’s Glenn Sands went to Middle Wallop to witness the moving occasion. Alan Warnes attended a ceremony at RAF Benson on July 9, to mark the last RAF Merlins being transferred to the Royal Navy.

As always, AFM’s Dave Allport brings you the latest military aviation news from around the world.

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