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Back Issues

December 2015

In the December issue of Air Forces Monthly (AFM), we focus on the UK’s Fleet Air Arm and the changes that are currently taking place. From Merlins exercising in the US, to an update on the progress of HMS Queen Elizabeth and its recently ordered F-35Bs.

With Russia and China flexing their muscles around the world, AFM visits Andersen AFB on Guam. A small island in the Pacific that’s now a regular forward operating base for USAF B-52s in an effort to keep these ‘aggressive nations’ in check.

Alan Warnes and Tim Ripley provide an update on Russia’s ongoing operations over Syria and ask what’s the strategy and is there an endgame?

With cutbacks set to continue the Royal Netherlands Air Force (RNLAF) faces an uncertain future at a time when it has never been busier. With an F-16 training squadron at Tucson ANGB in Arizona, two F-35s undergoing testing at Edwards AFB and attack helicopters in Mali, we ask how is the RNLAF managing.

Our Aircraft Profile looks at the Russia’s star over Syria, the Sukhoi Su-34 Fullback, which is proving to be an effective tactical fighter bomber against IS.

AFM’s Dave Allport brings you the latest military aviation news from around the world, and provides an update on Northrop Grumman’s new Long-Range Strike Bomber for the USAF.

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