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Latest Issue: October 2016

In the October issue of AirForces Monthly (AFM) we look at how the RAF’s only search and rescue squadron has a bright future despite the recent upheaval of the MOD SAR fleet in the UK. Dylan Eklund looks at how new helicopters and equipment will equip the 202(R) Squadron.

As F-35 Lightning IIs continue to enter service across the US Armed Forces, the USMC’s VMFA-121 ‘Green Knights’ has taken the lead introducing the F-35B into service. Ted Carlson interviews the squadron personnel involved and supplies exclusive colour images for the feature.

With tensions still high in the Ukraine region, Su-24 Fencers of the 7th tactical aviation brigade, Ukrainian Air Force have undergone upgrades and conducted live-fire exercises while deployed away from their home base. Vladimir Trendafilovski assesses the Fencer fleet and its future.

In our second look at the F-35 Lightning II, James DeBoer reports on VFA-101 ‘Grim Reapers’ return to USS George Washington for carrier qualification trials. Former F/A-18 Hornet pilots explain how they’re handling the F-35 aboard ‘the boat’.

Our Force Report by Søren Augustesen this month looks at the Royal Danish Air Force, which has quietly and consistently conducted operations around the world with little fuss but deadly accuracy.

AFM’s survey series continues, with a look at Europe’s military transport fleet detailing which nations are operating the latest types and which now need to upgrade.

Martin Scherenborg and Ramon Wenink visit Såntenäs Air Base, the cradle of Gripen flying and home of the Swedish Hercules fleet.

Our Exercise Report this month covers Pitch Black, the largest exercise in the southern hemisphere. This year witnessed ten nations and 2,500 personnel taking part. Chen Chuanren reports.

As always, AFM’s Dave Allport brings you the latest military aviation news and attrition reports.